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From Simple to Spectacular

Explore the possibilities. A new swimming pool by Superior Pool Service Inc will be a reflection of your home and family. A Superior consultant will guide you through the limitless options available to achieve the final product.

design_studioA Superior Pool Service sales member will listen to your desires and expectations. In exchange, we offer recommendations on all aspects of the project. Starting with the smallest details of size and shape to the final options of decking and lighting, our team works within your budget to make the dream a reality.

Shapes and Sizes

Choosing the size and shape of your pool can be a bit overwhelming!


*The above pricing includes the pool with at least 2 skimmers, 2 returns, D.E. filtration system w/ 1 or 1 1/2HP pump, rail, ladder, 4’x8′ stair unit, choice of liner, cement footing, cement pool base, at least 3 LED lights, electrical, one year of service with winter cover, closing, chemicals and of course labor.

The list below compares local swimming pool contractors to Superior Pool Service using a 16′ x 32′ rectangle as a starting point. This comparison will show how starting prices for certain companies can be misleading.


Superior Pool Service Company 1 Company 2
Starting Price $35,000 $35,000 $33,000
Electrician Included $2000 $2000
Lighting Included $1500 $1500
Pool Closing/Opening Included $350 $350
Safety Cover + Install Included $2000 $2000
Chemicals Included $350 $350
Choice ladder/rail Included ? ?
Service after install Included ? ?
Retail Store YES ? ?
Total $35,000 $41,200 $39,200


Depending on the town you live extras include permits(both electric and building) but SPS gets them, pool water, groundwater issues, stump removal, fill removal and any gravel needed around pool for backfill.


Superior Pool – Process of getting a in-ground pool installed.

The Swimming Pool Building Process

Bringing your Swimming Pool to Life

Once your swimming pool design is complete you’ll want to see it in the backyard as soon as possible.  Our goal is to ensure all the proper steps are taken to start and finish the project with the utmost quality and within the guidelines set by the local and state agencies.



At the initial meeting, a budget will be discussed regarding your fence needs. All in-ground swimming pools need a barrier, whether just around the pool or the entire back yard depends on the look and of course budget. This is typically the last step after deck but can be installed before if the fence doesn’t affect the grade and or not in the way. This portion is subbed out with recommendations by SPS Inc.


Also at the initial meeting, a budget will be discussed regarding your deck/patio needs. There are different options when choosing deck composition. Like anything these options vary in price and look, they will be explained in detail for a solid decision. This portion is again subbed out and again recommendations by SPS Inc.

With both portions of the job subbed, whether you use the recommended company or other, we at SPS Inc. will work to ensure the job is done correctly following town codes.


Superior Pools – A built in Pool is like a vacation

Our Swimming Pool Services

keep your Swimming Pool going, Year after Year

service-teamOwning a pool can be a bit overwhelming from time to time especially here in the northeast. Unpredictable weather coupled with day to day responsibilities and of course planning for the big pool party can sometimes put people over the edge! Whether you have a pool installed by Superior Pool Service Inc. or other, we strive to make owning and operating a pool enjoyable and stress-free.

Superior Pools – Service Makes the difference.

Superior Pools – One Stop for everything related to your pool.


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